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FOSSER Antifreeze FA 48 1.5 Liter

Brand: Fosser
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Boiling point: 170 °C
COC flash point: >120
Density at 20°C: 1,120 g/cm3
Frost protection at 50% (v/v): - 36 °C
pH: 7,2
Reserve alkalinity (pH 5,5): 13-15 ml 0,1 n HCL


Premium radiator anti-freeze

FOSSER Antifreeze FA 48 is a radiator corrosion inhibitor and antifreeze agent based on ethylene glycol. It is free of any potentially hazardous substances such as nitrates, amines and phosphates. Due to an optimal combination of inhibitors based on the carboxyl technology as well as silicates and borates (hybrid coolant) FOSSER Antifreeze FA 48 assures efficient and long-lasting protection from corrosion for an extended coolant service life. Further additives prevent foaming of the coolant liquid, provide correct cavitation protection and prevent deposits. 

FOSSER Antifreeze FA 48 offers a year-round, maintenance-free antifreeze and over-heating protection due to a higher boiling point. The product does not have any negative effect on coolant hoses or cylinder head gaskets.

Use instructions
FOSSER Antifreeze FA 48 - mixed with the correct amount of water – can be used without restrictions as a thermal transfer fluid in internal combustion engines made in cast iron, aluminum or a combination of these metals, and radiator systems made in aluminum or copper alloys. We recommend maintaining a concentration of 50% (v/v) during all seasons. 

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