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Battery Nitro NTX12-BS AGM (open with acid pack)

Brand: Nitro
Battery Type
  • Ship Only


Acid Volume (L) : 0,6
Capacity (Ah) : 10
CCA (A) : 180
Charge (Amp): STD 1 MAX 5
Dimensions (L/W/H) : 150 / 87 / 130 mm
Filled Weight (KG) : 4,2
Model: YTX12-BS -N-
Volt (V): 12


Battery Nitro NTX12-BS AGM (open with acid pack) 


NITRO Batteries are the best possible choice as a replacement battery. From old fashion vent type Standard Batteries to the latest Sealed AGM Gel technology types, every battery is available in the NITRO range. From 50cc scooters to 1800cc Heavy V-Twins, NITRO is the most economical and powerful solution for years of carefree driving pleasure.


  • All standard and high cranking (YB) Nitro batteries come with an individually adapted acid bottle. The right mixture and the right volume of sulfuric acid are packed together with your battery.


  • Completely free from maintenance with no acid spillage. Delivered with an acid pack designed as a push-on-bottle containing the right volume and degree of acid. Developed for use in a wider range of temperatures, going from -20°C to +50°C. The unique gas recombination system together with the AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Mat) remarkably prolongs battery life in addition to an extremely stronger cranking capacity.


  • These GEL batteries with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology are a new alternative for the corresponding Conventional and Maintenance Free types. Thanks to the addition of Silica into the Acid, the liquid inside the battery becomes a jelly substance. The GEL batteries are filled and activated in the factory. This makes them immediately ready for use after taking from the shelf.




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In case of failure of motorcycle tire, it may be the subject for factory inspection. The shipping back to the factory may take extra time to get a decision for a refund.


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