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Nº1 Social Network for motorcyclists from around the world. The most ambitious and informative project. The project generally combines a wide range of online tools for all fans of motorcycle culture. The cofounders of Brapper are bikers and real fans of motorcycles, so we are implementing our ideas from the core rider vision and our confidence that everything in this project will be extremely useful for all motorcycle riders. 

We created topics to discuss, make videos about the lifestyle of the motorcycle community in the UAE, and made a service of our motorcycles at night on the parking lot and shared it with our subscribers on the channel. 


Where did we get this idea from?

The idea of creating the project did not appear immediately. The story began in 2015. The creators of the project met each other while riding a motorcycle.

Initially, it was a small group of bikers, who, like many other groups, met on weekends and rode through the streets of Dubai. After some time, we decided to create a website-forum through which it was possible to follow upcoming events and ask other bikers for some advice.

It was our hobby, to which we devoted practically all our free time. Our professional skills were enough to further develop the idea. But we understood the fact that people mostly use smartphones and our website was not of great interest to them. There was also the problem of attracting new bikers. The website could be further developed, but we wanted to create something more but did not fully understand what it should be.

We remember the night at the gas station. We were alone at that moment. All our friends either slept or were busy with their business. In general, we were not to go with anyone. Nevertheless, a group of other bikers periodically rode past this gas station, but unfortunately, we were not familiar with them. The only way to get to know them is to catch up with them while riding. That in principle is not the best idea.

At that moment, we were visited by the thought of creating an application with which it would be able to find other bikers and able to invite them for a ride together. This is especially interesting to those who recently got on a motorcycle and are not yet familiar with the local motorcycle community. A few days later we draw the first sketches. We liked that idea. The first version was called "Biker App".

Since spring 2019, Brapper is available worldwide. Before that, only a few regions could download the app. Today, we can identify 4 key:
  • the United Arab Emirates,
  • Italy,
  • Holland,
  • and Kazakhstan.
For good growth, any new product requires strong marketing companies and an understanding of the specifics of each region. Our project is no exception. We activate new countries based on seasonality and the total number of motorcyclists in the region and support 5 languages.
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